Giancarlo Amendola, singer, composer, arranger, director, record producer, manager and… 40 years of career.
In 1970, he creates the band called “ La Ruota di Scorta” of which he is the singer, they perform in the best live music locals of Rome: “Sala Picchetti”, “La Rupe Tapea”, “Club 84”, “l’Arciliuto” etc.

Then follow years of concerts in discos, tourist villages, squares of all Italy for hundreds of artistic performances.
In 1977, he published his first disco music LP called “ Dolce Clown/ Che male c’è” that enters on the rankings of jukeboxes.

In 1980 an LP called “Ancora tu/ Mon amì”. In 1982 in addition to his commitments of singer he creates one of the most important agency of management, with partnerships with the most important Italian artists of that time. In 1989, he records the single “Salvarsi la Vita” song of denounce about the fragility of drugs and how to defeat them through attentions and love; and “Cantico d’Amore” a song dedicated to the birth of his son. Both the songs are followed with a videoclip. In 1991, year known for the first Desert Storm, he published the album “Io come te” which gives the name to the album that talks about a dream of peace and equality against wars and egoism — current at the time as today the sentence “il futuro per le strade del mondo è un muro o un velo, dipende da te ” (the future on the streets of the world is a wall or a curtain, it depends on you) — . It is evident that during the war period the topics of the songs are always the same. The album is reviewed very well by the press and by the radio and it obtains a good recension.

During his artistic career he took part in more of 1.500 concerts as protagonist.
At the end of his tour in 1991 marked a very important choice for his career, because his activity of manager, producer and singer fill all his time. So he decides to purpose a new kind of spectacles. In the same year Riccardo Cocciante and Luca Barbarossa join in his artistic cast.
From 1991 to nowadays his artistic career has been continuously increasing, with production, coproduction and partnerships, he has represented the best part of the Italian music market.
Of greater interest were the launch of the tours in which concerts and locations are protagonists of broadcasts and communication on a large scale, collaborations of that years, exclusive private initiative, were useful to redevelop the music offer, as a support to the economic, tourist and cultural development in the big cities, in the seaside resorts but also in the mountains, in all those places that represent the great Italian beauty. From those years Giancarlo Amendola and his staff have selected every time their partners, he has been one of the pioneer in Italy of itinerant events made to promote Italian territory and institutions. At the beginning on 90s travelling tours were born with the first European carousels with Match Music Television, live concerts from the squares with radio lorries following, events that in those years represented a real experimental laboratory.


The most important part of his career when the “Tour Arancio” is promoted as co-production, distribution and logistics, a very high strategic marketing project which combines economy, finance, tourism, and development, financed by ING Direct Italia Bank and the International Directorates, by numerous brands of sponsors, with the partnership of institutions. This project involves the biggest artists of italian music scene as Antonello Venditti, Gigi D’Alessio, Marco Masini, Raf, Paola e Chiara, more of 150 people of cast, Radio Italia’s lorry and followed in worldwide.
The result is excellent and the numbers amazing, hundreds of thousands of people who are stimulated to participate in the great artistic and cultural offerings, Hundreds of thousands of people who, in addition to participating in the events, participate in the development of the economic activities of the entire productive fabric of the territory and the birth of further creative activities.
The spontaneous interest of important magazines of the press and media, have encouraged to continue on this road, arriving today, in Italy, to boast an extraordinary network of festivals diversified by categories of interest, the revival of the folk traditions of our country integrated with multi-ethnic experiences, and the rebirth of many spaces and local live music.
Giancarlo Amendola has been a record producer, and he has been a composer and arranger of over 150 songs. In 2008 He produced “ Le Canzoni di Padre Pio”, the first musical work in the world inspired on the words of the Saint, with autograph texts by Padre Pio and original images of San Pio from the archives of “Voce di Padre Pio Foundation” in San Giovanni Rotondo. All the music and songs of this work were made from Giancarlo Amendola, after the music album it was born a musical called “ Le Canzoni di Padre Pio” with the partnership of Franco Miseria, one of the most important Italian choreographer.

In 2011 to relaunch the Italian Rock-Progressive He produces a tour with Il Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and Le Orme in a double-billing in electric, it’s the first international level experiment, the scene, the rhythms and sounds create an emotional pathos that runs from the stage to the audience, the idea is so unique and extraordinary to conquer for months all the press and the radio and television scene.
In 2012, after the extraordinary success of 2011, in occasion of the 40th anniversary of Il Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, it arrives a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Italia S.p. A, the idea is to produce and sell a discographic product in CD version matched with a vinyl version in a “luxury edition”, to relaunch on the international market this historic and fascinating means of music “the vinyl”, the product is musically and artistically important, and is presented in all the World Disc Fairs with great success. In the same year he had produced a tour for the singer Nino D’Angelo.
In 2013 with Sony Music Entertainment Italia S.p.A he republished a great success album of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: a concept album called “Darwin”, with Giancarlo Amendola’s supervision and with Vittorio Nocensi arrange the new song “Imago Mundi”, singed by Franc Battiato and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, followed by a videoclip made by Giancarlo Amendola and Francesco Di Giacomo. This song denounces the climate change and the pollution.
In the same year with the partnership of DI.ELL. O he worked on the national territory for Nino D’Angelo’s theatrical spectacle called “ C’era una volta… un jeans e una maglietta”.
In 2014 Giancarlo Amendola produced a double album for the Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso called “ un idea che non puoi fermare” with the partnership of most popular artist of Italian cinema like Tony Servillo (Oscar in 2014 with the film “LA GRANDE BELLEZZA”), Franca Valeri, Rocco Papaleo, Moni Ovadia, Alessandro Haber, Giuliana De Sio, Giuseppe Caderna e Valerio Mastrandrea. This is a masterpiece that is the last album of Banco with the voice of Francesco di Giacomo that is a perfect synthesis between the most refined musical research and the power of the word and the theatricality of his plays. The album is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment in all the world and it receives a great success.
Between 2015 and 2018 he works in a project for his forty years of career. This project consists on an album called “40” where Giancarlo Amendola returns to sing to arrange and to produce music.
In 2019 Giancarlo Amendola has produced his first song of his new album which is going to be published next Marc 2020 called “Portami a Bailar”; which will be produced in Italian and in Spanish version and in 2020 it will be n European tour to launch this album.

una carriera

Giancarlo Amendola in his 40 years of career has lived for his great passion that always sees music protagonist in all its expressions, and he did it involving the whole range of Italian Artists, for each of which it preserves and remembers important experiences.
Riccardo Cocciante, Albano Carrisi, Antonello Venditti, Pooh, Lucio Dalla, Ivan Graziani, Pierangelo Bertoli, Biagio Antonacci, Enrico Ruggeri, Angelo Branduardi, Anna Oxa, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Franco Battiato, Cesare Cremonini, Francesco De Gregori, Fabio Concato, Lola Ponce, Alan Sorrenti, Francesco Sarcina, Marco Masini, Irene Grandi, Raf, Luca Barbarossa, Alexia, Amedeo Minghi, Toto Cutugno, Luca Carboni, Edoardo Bennato, Nino D’Angelo, Ricchi e Poveri, Anna Tatangelo, Katia Ricciarelli, Ragazzi Italiani, Jò di Tonno, Manuela Villa, Matia Bazar, Paolo Belli, Ivan Graziani e Pierangelo Bertoli, Toto Cutugno, Mariella Nava, Umberto Tozzi, Mango, Mietta, Peppino Di Capri, Bobby Solo, Riccardo Fogli, Paola & Chiara, Antonio e Marcello, Rita Pavone, Syria, Neri per Caso, Dhamm, Marco Conidi, Gatto Panceri, Nicola di Bari, Paolo Vallesi, Marco Ferradini, Lollipop, Cristiano De Andrè, Dolce Nera, Gazosa, Francesco Baccini, Formula 3, Le Orme, Tullio De Piscopo, Alex Britti, Stadio, Radio Marlene, Barbara Cola, Annalisa Minetti, Gianni Bella, Audio 2, Alunni del Sole, Anonimo Italiano, Gino Santercole, Ron, Ivana Spagna, Mal, Edoardo Vianello, Bottega dell’Arte, Camaleonti, Percentonetto, Gianni Nazzaro, Califano, Barbara Chiappini, Rosaria Renna, Benedetta Boccoli, Nino Castelnuovo:
those are all names of artists with whom he had worked for all his carreer. No less important is the thanks that Giancarlo Amendola addresses to all the other professional figures who work close to the Artists and thanks to whom it was possible to share these great experiences like Musicists, technicians, operators and all his staff of the live concerts, the press, media and the administrations and especially the audience that extraordinary audience that listens, follows and participates wherever music attracts it.
And a very special thanks to the music that made me live 40 extraordinary years!